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 Apple Never Created Anything

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PostSubject: Apple Never Created Anything   Fri May 22, 2015 10:51 am

Well with everyone talking about the Crap Phone 6 I just thought I should enlighten on something about Apple and there products.

1. The stupid 3rd grade design of the screen and icons. Sony-ecricsson M610i, p700 and PLi all came out one year before the first Crap Phone. Same script different pics.

2. "Slide to Unlock" Apple made that right? Nope not even close, Windows CE first mobile version just two years before the first Crap Phone. Same script.

3. Notification bar maybe? Ha You got to be kidding me. It was the first thing Android announced with the Android 1.0. 3 Years before it was even made into IOS.

4. Well the "Apple Design" must be there's then. Nope wrong again. Rounded corners, big touch screen just a home button and speaker all came out with the Samsung F700 February 2007. 6 Months before the Crap Phone and Apple never showed what the phone was gonna look like until 5 weeks before it was gonna be released.

5. Well what about Siri. Nope not there's either. Android came out with Xiaoi Bot. A 2010 Chinese assistent does everything Siri did and does again a year before Crap Phone.    

6. Mac OS doc, Wifi Sync, Camara Unlock, Split Keyboard hell even the design for the Crap Phone 4 was stolen. The saddest one is the IPod/iTunes commercial was stolen from Lugz Shoes 2002 fall advertisement.

They didn't make or invent anything just stole codes and scripts for apps and edited the pics for them. Yes we actually took the time to look into and inspect the code's for these. Yes we do have a life however we hate it when people become sheep to Apples crap. Not trying to influence your buying habits just showing there really is nothing impressive about any of there crap.

^^^^^^^ lol! lol! lol! Laugh Attack Laugh Attack Laugh Attack Laugh Attack Laugh Attack ^^^^^^^^^^

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Apple Never Created Anything
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