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 Turn your iPod into an iPhone

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PostSubject: Turn your iPod into an iPhone   Tue May 26, 2015 10:59 am

Purpose: With this tutorial, you will be able to make unlimited calls on your iPod.

*Note: This will work for any device that has Textfree and Google Voice
**Note: With these links in the steps, you can set everything up on your computer, but then you will have to just do your logins in your iPod**

iPod touch(I don't think gen matters)
Google Voice(iTunes App)
Textfree[Make sure it is the one with calling(iTunes App)]
Wireless Connection(Wifi)
Computer(Makes it much easier)

1)If you don't already have a google account, and go to google voice(https://www.google.com/voice).
2)On the left, click "Get a Voice Number".
3)Choose "I want a new number".(Leave the tab open and make a new one)
4)Now go to textfree(http://www.pinger.com/tfw/) and sign up.
5)Next Register with the information.
6)Pick a number to use.
7)Copy down your number and go back to Google Voice.
8)Enter the number in where it says "Phone Number" then set the Phone type to "Mobile"
9)Now make sure you have the both apps on your iPod and login to Textfree in your iPod with the account you just made.
10)Now go to the Google Voice tab again and select "Call me now".
11)Pick up the call on your iPod and insert the 2 digit verification code.
12)Go on the Google Voice tab once more and enter your area code.(If you can't find one just find an area code from here(http://www.bennetyee.org/ucsd-pages/area.html)
13)Click on the left on your number.
14)Go to mobile and click edit
15)Rename the name to "Textfree" or something so you know
16)Save and then login to the google voice on your iPod using your google account.
17)Make sure you set up all your contacts in google so that when you get a call you know who the person is.
18)When you make a call, you will get a notification that you're getting a call in Textfree
19)Tap the notification and you will then have made a free call, that is unlimited.

***Wrap Up- Go to Google Voice first then click the notification from textfree to make your calls. Otherwise give people your Google Voice number so when they call you it will forward once again. Only works in the USA.

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Turn your iPod into an iPhone
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